What you will learn with Freemium Economics

  • Freemium Analytics

    Analytics is at the heart of the freemium model. Freemium Economics introduces various strategies for using analytics to drive product decisions.

  • Iterative Product Development

    Freemium products generally exist as services; Freemium Economics explains how product iterations can be undertaken to improve the user experience and maximize revenue.

  • Growth

    Freemium Economics explains the mechanics of performance marketing across various ad channels and platforms.

  • Quantitative Methods

    Freemium Economics introduces quantitative methods to help analysts and product managers evaluate the performance of their products.

  • Virality

    Virality is a crucial component of keeping marketing costs low. Freemium Economics proposes methods for engineering and measuring virality.

  • Lifetime Customer Value

    Freemium Economics devotes an entire chapter to the concept of Lifetime Customer Value (LTV): understanding it, measuring it, and using it to grow the product.

Eric Seufert's Freemium Economics covers every aspect of freemium software design and development, from the core concepts of "freemium economics" to marketing. This book is a must read for anyone developing freemium products.
Eric Seufert provides comprehensive, analytical insight into the what, why, and how of building a successful freemium business. Whether you're building a free-to-play game or freeware SaaS product, Freemium Economics is an excellent resource to increase chances of success.
Eric Seufert covers freemium design from basics to advanced concepts with clarity and depth. Freemium Economics is the number one book to read for both new and established players in the growing mobile and social ecosystems.
Markus Montola
Markus Montola, PhD
Game Designer and an author of Pervasive Games: Theory and Design

Chapter List

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Chapter 1: The Freemium Business Model

Chapter 2: Analytics and Freemium Products

Chapter 3: Quantitative Methods for Product Management

Chapter 4: Freemium Metrics

Chapter 5: Lifetime Customer Value

Chapter 6: Freemium Monetization

Chapter 7. Virality

Chapter 8. Growth

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Eric Seufert

About Eric Seufert

Eric Seufert is a quantitative marketer with a passion for blending real-world problems with large amounts of data, econometric frameworks, and analytical systems. His professional specialty lies in programmatic statistical methods and predictive forecasting for freemium products.

Eric received an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Economics from University College London, where he was an Erasmus Mundus scholar. Eric joined Skype immediately out of graduate school and subsequently held marketing and strategy roles at Digital Chocolate and Wooga, where he is now the Head of Marketing.

Originally from Texas, Eric currently lives in Berlin. In his spare time, Eric enjoys traveling and writing.

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